An innovation-led group

Innovation is one of the main pillars supporting CIM’s growth strategy, with investments being made on an annual basis to further differentiate the company’s business approach, further develop and increase added value and competitiveness of our solutions.

A two-pronged approach to R&D

The innovations developed by our teams on a daily basis are very much as technological as they are operational. It is our belief that – as part of our mission to best respond to the expectations of the railway industry both today and going forwards – the client experience should be driven by the following aspects:

Improving the reliability of our equipment.

Reducing the impact we have on the environment.

Optimising project procedures and user satisfaction.

Creativity and modernising services.

Each individual department within CIM has its own teams and design office to fully enable this approach to R&D on a daily basis.


CIM Projets offers you the benefit of its expertise and strategic alliances to provide you with turnkey project management, relevant integrated solutions and adapted financing.

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