Distribution of spare parts and components

Every year CIM supplies millions of spare parts and components made by the biggest manufacturers to railways. There’s no doubt in our minds you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our database!

50,000 different types of spare parts and components

Consumables, components and strategic parts

CIM currently has an ERP database in place with over 50,000 entries for spare parts, components and strategic parts for use in maintaining and repairing both newer and older locomotives (including for electric locomotives, diesel electric locomotives, diesel hydraulic locomotives and electric and diesel rail motor vehicles), railway wagons and passenger carriages. All of our spare parts and components are delivered new.

For some parts however we may suggest standard replacement parts (UTEX or UTEX/outright).

Just some of the components we deal in, from our list of 50,000:

Diesel engine parts (power packs, pistons, valves, joints, rods, connectors, crankshafts)

Turbocompressors and blowers

Electrical parts (drive motors, cables, carbon brushes)

Electronic parts (boards, data recorders)

Pneumatic parts (compressors)

Nickel-cadmium and lead batteries

Bogie parts (axles and wheels, bearings and cartridges, axle boxes, levers, rods, wear plates, centre plates, suspension)

Brake parts (triangles, wheel house parts, cylinders, distributors, pads, shoes)

Shock and traction devices, automatic couplers, coupler tensioners and brackets, coupling rods, buffers

Interior parts for passenger carriages (seats, floor coverings, racks, windows, tables, panelling, lighting)


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