Manufacturing automatic coupling systems

CIM is a leader in designing automatic draw and traction couplers via LAF, one of its brands. It designs and produces bespoke coupling systems on request.

Bespoke coupling systems

Designing and manufacturing automatic couplers

Over 6,000 of LAF’s blueprints for automatic couplers are in use around the world (Willison couplers, Janney couplers, Lloyd couplers, MCA/DA/MCA/PH couplers).

Acquiring Lloyd ABC Couplers and Henricot means we are now capable of meeting our clients’ demands no matter where they are located.

Manufacturers, private and public networks, steelmakers and mines are all trusted partners and have helped us achieve our objective of industrial excellence.

AAR knuckle couplers

Lloyd couplers

Willison couplers

Our design office – at your service

LAF develops its automatic coupling systems to your specifications, perfectly meeting any challenges brought in terms of sizing, weather or the environment they will be used in.

The experience and expertise our office brings to the table is a known quantity and we will find the best solution for you.


CIM Projets offers you the benefit of its expertise and strategic alliances to provide you with turnkey project management, relevant integrated solutions and adapted financing.

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