World-class manufacturer equipment

CIM is an exclusive distributor for all of the major rail manufacturers, overseeing the supply of locomotives, wagons and passenger carriages.

Your exclusive manufacturer equipment supplier

Main line and shunting locomotives

CIM has been an EMD locomotive distributor and original equipment manufacturer in over 20 French- and English-speaking African countries. We provide clients with a wide range of diesel electric and diesel hydraulic locomotives running at 300 – 4000 metric horsepower and equipped with blowers or turbocompressors. These locomotives are perfectly suited to the more difficult operating conditions presented by African countries (dusty environments, high temperatures, higher sulphur content) and can be adapted to both metric and standard gauge railways (1000, 1067 or 1435 mm), so you have a complete fleet of locomotives at your disposal regardless of your country’s system or axle load (from 15 to 32 tonnes).

Locomotives rebuilt to AAR standards

CIM is also capable of providing its clients with refurbished or rebuilt second-hand main-line and shunting locomotives. After a thorough and systematic examination second-hand trains may be capable of being fitted with the latest technology. Parts are likewise replaced, using either new original replacements or standard exchange (UTEX) replacements – this will certainly be the case for power packs, main generators and wheelsets.

All of our rebuilt locomotives are compliant with American Association of Railroads standards and pursuant to EMD manufacturer procedures. Refurbished and rebuilt trains come with a 12-month guarantee.

New wagons and passenger carriages

One of the benefits of our partnerships with the largest wagon and passenger carriages in the world is being able to meet more traditional client requirements in this respect – as well as more complex ones, particularly in terms of track gauge (1000 mm or 1067 mm) and axle load (under 19 tonnes). We are happy to be your supplier in this respect – even for orders under 10 units.

Refurbished second-hand wagons and passenger carriages

CIM offers second-hand wagons and passenger carriages which have been renovated and adapted to suit the conditions and requirements set by your local rail network. We make all changes as requested (coupler height, brakes, electrical connections, wheel profile, electrical voltage standard used) prior to despatch.


CIM Projets offers you the benefit of its expertise and strategic alliances to provide you with turnkey project management, relevant integrated solutions and adapted financing.

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