Maintenance, refurbishment and modernisation of rolling stock

CIM is ready to provide your railway fleet with the whole of its expertise and professional teams to optimise its lifespan, quality and value.

Fleet maintenance

Optimising fleet value and performance

Ensuring your fleet of rolling stock is properly maintained means preserving the use value of the capital you have invested and benefiting from having all of your rolling stock available for maximum performance.

Maintaining your fleet of rolling stock is vital to getting the most out of your infrastructure over time. CIM are likewise more than happy to help with practical implementation in this respect.

CIM – ensuring the maintenance of your fleet

Ensuring planned professional maintenance in line with manufacturers’ recommendations for your fleet of locomotives and wagons is a guarantee it will enjoy higher availability rates. CIM are committed to achieving this objective by your side, thereby optimising both your fleet’s operating capacity as well as your customers’ own satisfaction.

The importance of partnerships

As we always seek to establish a relationship of trust with our clients we do our best to develop long-term partnerships and are wholly committed to the quality of maintenance services.

Refurbishing and modernising rolling stock

Extend the lifespan of your fleet at an affordable price

Refurbishing a fleet of locomotives, wagons and passenger carriages is a relevant solution from an economic standpoint, as it can increase their lifespan by dozens of years or more and all at an affordable price.

Refurbishing and modernising locomotives

If the main structure, framework and bogies of one of your locomotives are still in good shape then we would recommend undertaking a major revision of your locomotive which could consist of:

– renovating or completely rebuilding the major components such as the diesel engine, generator, drive motors and electrical panel

– replacing parts and components beginning to show signs of wear with new or standard exchange parts.

At CIM we use the refurbishing process as a means of updating certain pieces of equipment, breathing new life into your locomotives in terms of new features (such as improved drive motors, an electronic control system instead of boards).

Refurbishing and modernising wagons

CIM is capable of breathing new life into your obsolete wagons by refurbishing them and modifying and modernising the frame structure. A hopper wagon may for example be converted into a container wagon, thereby making sure you get more value for your investment compared to what it would have cost you buying new wagons.

Refurbishing and modernising passenger carriages

Over time passenger cars – damaged and rendered obsolete – no longer meet users’ expectations. CIM therefore offers its clients a broad spectrum of options available in this respect:

– overhauling the interior design

– giving the inside of carriages a complete makeover by replacing trimmings and equipment.

These works are performed on site locally in your own workshops.


CIM Projets offers you the benefit of its expertise and strategic alliances to provide you with turnkey project management, relevant integrated solutions and adapted financing.

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