Our corporate governance

CIM is structured in such a way that governance is overseen by both a board of directors and a separate executive board made up of committed professionals who are mindful of making the best strategic and operational decisions possible so the group remains healthy and capable.

The board of directors

The board of directors is made up of professionals who have monitored long-term changes within the railway sector and oversee the creation core development guidelines and company strategies as well as the effective implementation of these guidelines and strategies.

The executive board

The executive board is made up of the heads of each main department, making its decisions and acting so as to ensure all operational and financial objectives set by the board of directors are properly implemented. The executive board meets every six weeks to review the following:

– ensuring strategies are being properly implemented and goals are being met.
– company organisational structure as well as HR policies.
– business activities and developments.
– the implementation and monitoring of company procedures.

Lastly the executive board represents the group vis-à-vis other institutions, representing company values and protecting the company’s identity.


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