45 years in the railways industry

Important dates

The founding of Logerail

Logerail was founded by the French public authorities and railway equipment manufacturers to ensure the constant availability of spare parts and equipment for rolling stock for both French and foreign railway operators.

Maison Worms et Cie becomes the majority shareholder.
CIM founded

Logerail becomes CIM (Compagnie Internationale de Maintenance – International Maintenance Company).

LAF acquisition

CIM buys out LAF (Les Appareils Ferroviaires – Railway Equipment), expanding its industrial expertise within the field of automatic coupling.

Lloyd ABC Couplers

The British manufacturer Lloyd ABC Couplers joins CIM, complementing the product offering acquired from LAF.


Management take over the company via an LMBO.

Acquisition of Quélor and Rail Industries Canada

CIM acquires Quélor, its main source of competition in the African markets, as well as Rail Industries in Canada.
For more informations : https://www.rail-canada.com


SEPAV, a brake hose manufacturer, joints the CIM Group.


CIM bolsters its expertise in the railway and mining sectors by acquiring the business capital for Railway Mine and Plantation Equipment (RMP), a MAN subsidiary and Logerail competitor in the Anglo-Saxon countries.


CIM buys out SEG – Sogema Engineering, the French leader in designing and manufacturing equipment for railway maintenance workshops and depots.
More information is available at: http://www.sogema-engineering.com/


CIM takes over France Rail Industrie (a former British Steel company) representation concerning railway sector sales in sub-Saharan African, likewise forming a joint venture with FORMAT in Kazakhstan to manufacture COST-standard LAF automatic coupling systems.

Acquisition of MECHAN

CIM buys out MECHAN, the British leader in designing and manufacturing lifting and maintenance equipment for railway workshops and depots. More information is available at: http://www.mechan.co.uk

Cockerill Maintenance

Cockerill Maintenance et Ingénerie (Cockerill Maintenance and Engineering), which has since been renamed to John Cockerill, takes over management of CIM, creating a Franco-Belgian transport hub with tremendous industrial capabilities.


CIM consist of a group of SMEs which are constantly expanding within their core fields of expertise supported by a strong industrial shareholder base capable of enabling long-term development. CIM has subsidiaries in Canada (Rail Industries Canada), the United Kingdom (Lloyd ABC Coupling Equipment, Mechan), Tunisia (CIM Logerail Tunisie), Tanzania (CIM Logerail Tanzania), Madagascar (SRCD), Singapore (Rail Solutions) and Panama (TCP Rail) as well as branch offices in the Congo, Senegal, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

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