Delivery of the second batch of locomotives to the Tunisian Railways

CIM is the distributor of PROGRESS RAIL (EMD) in Tunisia and much of Sub-Saharan Africa. CIM and PROGRESS RAIL have completed the delivery of the second batch of locomotives to the Tunisian Railways (SNCFT), completing the delivery of a contract worth USD 75.4 million.

A total of 20 new EMD GT42AC locomotives will have been put into service this year in southern Tunisia (Gafsa / Sfax region). These locomotives, with a capacity of 3250 BHP and 6 asynchronous current traction engines, will be used to evacuate phosphate from the Gafsa mines.

These locomotives are also, and for the first time in Tunisia, equipped with Willison automatic mixed hitchs and UIC hook straps, designed and manufactured in house by LAF and which will double the traction capacity expressed in the number of cars and significantly reduced the time required to set up a train.

To ensure the commissioning of the 20 locomotives and subsequently the maintenance and training of maintenance personnel, CIM and JOHN COCKERILL created in early 2019 a subsidiary called CIM LOGERAIL TUNISIE which has recruited 4 engineers (1 Canadian and 3 Tunisians).

For SNCFT and Tunisia, these 20 locomotives will significantly reduce the cost of transport currently carried out largely by truck and thereby greatly increase the exports of phosphate and derivatives, with a significantly reduced ecological footprint.

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